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Face Off: Jennifer Lawrence vs. Alison Brie

So Kelly Brook beat Elisha Cuthbert in last week's Face Off , though not without some protest. All you people and your Kelly hatin'. It's almost as though you have an aversion to seeing ginormous tits and beautiful female faces graced with sweet smiles all the time. I don't know. Makes me wonder sometimes about which side of the bread you haters butter. This week sees both Jennifer...
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Jennifer Lawrence skips the bra when she attends Serena premiere

You'd think that with the pedigree SERENA boasts, Magnolia films wouldn't have chosen to dump it into an early 2015 release, the Siberia for movie openings. It stars the ever-hot Jennifer Lawrence and her SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK sweetheart, Bradley Cooper, wearing period costumes and being generally beautiful people in well-lit romantic situations. The movie began filming in 2012,...
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Jennifer Lawrence goes semi see thru for the Bazaar

It's been 3 months since we featured anything with Jennifer Lawrence in it. That's surprising for such a world class hottie as she. She's been keeping a low profile lately, so her absence is understandable. There's a new HUNGER GAMES movie coming out soon, not to mention her latest Oscar bait movies, SERENA and AMERICAN HUSTLE. So expect to see a lot more of Jen around town and in various...
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