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The Hottie Stop Interviews Kerry Bishé star of Rupture & Halt and Catch Fire

Kerry Bishé has had a pretty impressive career. She started off in the independent drama THE HALF LIFE OF MASON LAKE (2007) and she has worked consistently ever since. With her time on the series Scrubs, and a few cool flicks including RED STATE in 2011, ARGO in 2012, GRAND PIANO in 2013 as well as the series Halt and Catch Fire, she continues to delight. Add to that, she also...
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Awesome Aussie Nicky Whelan is retro sexy in 9 1/2 Weeks MovieHotties shoot!

Anyone that grew up in and around the '80's should be familiar with director Adrien Lyne's steamy flick 9 1/2 WEEKS starring Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger. Anyone that grew up decades later will likely remember the smart, beautiful, and oh-so-sexy blonde barista from HALL PASS. Marry those two up and you've got the latest Movie Hotties photo shoot, featuring the...
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Doctor McKinney will be with you shortly

Some of the things happening with this FLATLINERS remake are getting a little strange. Strangest of all is the fact that they're remaking this movie at all. It was, from the beginning really, a forgettable pit stop on the otherwise rocketing career paths of a handful of burgeoning stars of the 90s and established names from the 80s. Perhaps that well of laziness Hollywood just can't stop...
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