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Hottie Clip of the Day: Dianna Agron

Yesterday, I had a discussion regarding the show GLEE, and why the series seems to have lost its appeal, not just with me, but with everyone over time. I personally thought the show went downhill right after the first season, when it started to lose its edge, although that didn't stop them from reaching the top of iTunes charts with acappella single after acappella single. Others seem...
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Hottie Report Card: Amy Adams

Since we're at that time of year where movie release dates are all scattered and nonsensical, I think it's about time we turned our eyes to Amy Adams . Amy stars in two films which were both released in the last two weeks, AMERICAN HUSTLE and HER , both of which have received plenty of buzz, plus Golden Globe and SAG Award nominations. Yes, this has been a substancial...
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Kate Beckinsale looks Pretty Terrifically Awesome on her way to a PTA meeting

Further proving just how awesome of a woman she is, Kate Beckinsale can be seen with her hubby on their merry way to a Parent Teacher Association meeting. I've never been to one myself (thank God no children yet; I don't think the world is quite prepared for that), but I have to imagine they're, like, one of the worst, most boring things you could ever do right along going to...
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