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Nina Agdal is busting out of multiple bikinis again

Nina Agdal is one seriously hot lady. It must have been a very special moment in her lifetime when she first put on a bikini, looked over what she was working with and thought to herself, "Huh. I could probably make some serious cash from this." Good for you, Nina. I tried on a Speedo and thought that once. Let's just say that the results were far from spectacular and the words used to...
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Nina Agdal in bikinis on the beach makes me happy

Picture sets of Nina Agdal wearing bikinis give me a nice, calm feeling every time. My eyes start at the sweet face (which is sufficient by itself to bring me to a state of contentment) and then move down the length of her, finding more and more joy the further down I go. More than many a model around, Nina has that effect. I think it's her upbeat attitude. You don't see a lot of models who...
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