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Ming-Na Wen should have won Best Saucy Minx at the People's Choice Awards

If you had asked me back in 1994 (the time that STREET FIGHTER was released) if I would look forward to seeing Ming-Na Wen on a red carpet for an event like the People's Choice Awards, my response would have been skeptical. Sure, Wen was cute and all as Chun-Li but she didn't strike me as an attention grabber. Flash forward over 20 years and I can't wait to scroll through gossip sites to see...
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Would you pick up a hitchhiking Elisha Cuthbert and give her a ride?

Elisha Cuthbert madness should have started here: with her as a seasoned adult in a comedic role that she appears to be excelling at. Not that I'm complaining about her famous wet shirt moment in THE GIRL NEXT DOOR or anything but we might have jumped Jack Bauer's gun by declaring her such a babe when she was younger and dwelling on damsel-in-distress types. Now that they've released the...
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