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BOTB 2016 Sci-Fi Babes: Amy Adams vs Jennifer Lawrence vs Sanaa Lathan

It's a lot easier to vote for a hot doctor babe, it seems, although not by much. Alice Eve was the hottest Trekkie doctor around in your opinions but only by one vote over the legendary hotness of Jennifer Love Hewitt and Aniston was left nearly in the cold with only one vote. I've noticed that there are a lot of similar sci-fi slash space exploration slash aliens are among us movies...
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Sanaa Lathan brought her own showpiece to the Harlem School of The Arts Gala

If only there was an absolute correlation between how much a hottie's bust grows and how big her career gets, Sanaa Lathan would be a bigger box office draw than Angelina Jolie in her prime. I remember thinking, back when that racy political show Boss (Starring Kelsey Grammer) was on the air, there was a good chance we'd finally get a much awaited look at those beauties –...
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BOTB: MacFarlane's Gals: Amanda Seyfried vs Mila Kunis vs Sanaa Lathan

Kaya Scodelario won last week's battle mainly because she was the only babe featured that most of you were acquainted with. That was sort of the point behind the battle, to introduce you to some new faces on some good shows from NetFlix that you're probably not watching. All of which would be better than you giving more money to Smug Peter Brady and his latest movie, even if he does...
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