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Gwen Stefani put on a show in more ways than one

Gwen Stefani put on a show for Samsung in front of their NYC building to kick off that company's summer concert series. And by putting on a show, what we really mean is she showed off a bunch of cleavage in her see thru bodysuit thing with the fishnets wrapped around those gorgeous hips. Damn, if only she didn't have those baggy pants on. Then it really would have been a show. I found...
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Smartly, Samsung is putting the sexy Chrissy Teigen to work for them

Alright, I get the point. Some of you think that Chrissy Teigen can bug sometimes. And you've probably picked up on my opinions, where I keep saying that her face is a bit wonky. But I'm telling you, that wonky face and her supposedly annoying personality just keep growing on me. Recently Teigen was quoted talking about having a "Doritos diet" where she explained that...
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Jessica Alba busts out some cleavage for the kiddies

When she's not shredding her clothing as a stripper in Frank Miller's dark comic book world or being a super hot mama not-posing for the paparazzi, Jessica Alba likes to look really good for a really good cause. In this case, it was for the Samsung Hope For Children Gala. Unless you missed it, we saw one of our favorite little hotties there the other day , but Jessica's here to bring some...
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