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Fitness model Michelle Lewin really knows how to pump up a bikini top

I really admire a woman who can manage to pack this much muscle onto her frame. It's not easy. Women aren't designed to cultivate huge biceps or abs, nature didn't plan on the fairer sex needing to use that much brute power. But when it happens just right, you get the effect you have here in fitness model Michelle Lewin , who retains her cuteness and has arms and legs and tummy muscles to...
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Hey, it's Kimberley Garner rollerblading in a bikini top & short shorts

Sigh. This Kimberley Garner chick, man. She's a pretty attractive lady to say the least. It's getting hotter outside, so you know what that means: bikinis and barely-there clothing. Hooray for everybody! Kimberley decided to jump on that bandwagon by wearing some seriously short shorts and a bikini top to go rollerblading all over Santa Monica. They're the shorts that are so wonderfully...
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Celebrate Friday with some more of model Anais Zanotti's nice, big ass

Looks like we got another blatant butt parader in the form of model Anais Zanotti , seen here doing a little rollerblading in Miami parks. Very much like that other great butt attention junkie Jennifer Nicole Lee , Anais's routine is to take normal things people do in public and transform them into slut fests. You may remember a few weeks back when I posted some pics of Anais doing an assy...
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