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Hilary Duff continues to look red hot for the public eye

She’s up to something, this hot little gal Hilary Duff and I have no idea what it is. We honestly see nothing from her except for these sporadic paparazzi pictures. I think I may have cracked exactly what’s going on with her. As we can see here (and here and here) Hilary’s pretty much jaw-on-the-floor sexy whenever she goes out in public... Perhaps she’s preparing for some huge, massive...
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Joanna Krupa is red hot and see-through

These kinds of dresses always confuse the hell out of me. I see the skin under the dress and think to myself, "Hell yeah! This chick is all sorts of naked and she's totally showing off everything! Oh mai Gad!" A few weeks go by until I say to myself, "Wait.. How do I know that wasn't just nude clothing material to make it LOOK like it was totally see-through?" That's when I usually throw a fit...
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Maria Menounos shares her red hot secrets

Unfortunately for us, the secrets Maria Menounos chose to share in NYC weren't the kind I'm sure we'd like. Instead, she was doing some kind of yoga shit with pool brushes to demonstrate how she stays fit. She did do this in tights though, which is nice. But then no one got a decent shot of her ass in those tights, which was unfortunate again. What the hell is that about? She's in New York...
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