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Keira Knightley can't fake her beauty for The Imitation Game red carpet

For the most part, Keira Knightley really knows how to ace a red carpet event. There are the rare occasions when she wears something less than flattering to her narrow figure, but the girl can work the glamour like no one's business, even with a frumpy garment. This time, in a lengthy but sexy gold gown, Knightley smiled through the rain drops for the premiere of her latest flick, THE...
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It rains on Adrianne Palicki's London premiere, but will that mean a washout for GI JOE at the box office?

Sadly, I can name more projects that Adrianne Palicki has been in that have tanked than I can think of successful ventures she was attached to. Going from most recent, G.I. JOE: RETALIATION was yanked at the last minute from its 2012 release so that the people producing it could fiddle around and manage a 3D release (and get more Channing Tatum footage crammed in, I'm guessing). Then...
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