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Nina Dobrev brings her lovely hotness to prestigious pages

I wonder if it pisses Nina Dobrev off that they still keep associating her with all this vampire stuff. Having left The Vampire Diaries a bit ago for what she hopes will be greener pastures, I would think she would frown on magazines like this from continuing to keep her tethered to her old exploits. Time will tell if she has cause to get pissy about being synonymous with vampires. If...
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Emilia Clarke Day 2: British GQ Woman of the Year

Yesterday I wrote a little something about Emilia Clarke's attendance to GQ's men of the year ceremony. Today, it's all about her new prestigious title of British GQ's women of the year. I could write little opinions about her looks, her demeanor or even specifically this pictorial, but there probably wouldn't be a huge difference compared to things I've already...
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Olivia Munn makes her prestigious hotness a black and white issue

I'm not sure what Olivia Munn is getting at with her quote on the cover of Prestige magazine. Is she talking about the filters that make your selfie at the Apple store look like it was taken in old west times? Or is she referring to Instagram's rather inconsistent filtering of adult content? I haven't seen the article, so I couldn't tell you. They're both pointless, so either way I have to...
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