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Keira Knightley looked adorably pregnant at the BAFTAs

Occasionally I think bitchy woman things like wanting the unnaturally skinny women of the world to get pregnant so they'll even temporarily look like a normal human being. The biggest one for me lately has been Keira Knightley , who seemed to have been shrinking from her already small size when we first met her in film ten years ago and was getting a bit too... angular for my tastes. Now...
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Scarlett Johansson swings by in a small dress to wish us all a g'day

Australians are awesome. Not only are their accents amazing, but their accents are really cool, too. Their accents are also something to keep in mind, but to prove that I'm not as superficial as some people would say, their accents are sexy as f*ck. Sorry. I'm getting a little off topic.  I remember thinking recently just how many award shows there really are and the fact...
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Holy crap, is Charlize Theron knocked up with Sean Penn's baby?

It hasn't yet been officially confirmed by their reps, but supposedly during a trip to France over the Xmas holiday, Charlize Theron got engaged to her boyfriend of one year, Sean Penn. While we all know that Sean is a great actor ( and that he makes good looking kids ), are we really ready for the couple to be popping out offspring? I went through and looked at a number of pictures of...
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