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Olivia Wilde retains her hotness post pregnancy and in Gryffindor colors

When I first learned Olivia Wilde was pregnant, I was heartbroken. Literally. When I read the news online a while back, my heart literally imploded and shattered into dozens of pieces in my body and had to be taken out by special doctors who treat creepy men like me. It wasn’t because I knew she’d get bigger around the belly area. No, it’s just the idea of another man...
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Hilary Duff starts to get back in shape

It's been awhile since Hilary Duff had her kid and started out on the long road back from all the weight she gained during that time. Only now has she finally begun to resemble her pre-pregnancy self, thanks to workout regimens like these. Wow, too bad we all can't have a muscular hottie bending and contorting us into crazy shapes as a means of weight loss. Though this sort of...
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Wake up, Sienna Miller! It's time to be a total hottie again!

Actor Tom Sturridge may have tried to slow down the Sienna Miller hotness train when he knocked her up in late 2011, but that didn't stop the feisty, notorious British babe from defying conventions as she's been for years now. While pregnant with daughter Marlowe (Ottoline Layng Sturridge - you could've defied conventions better if you'd given your kid a non-weird Hollywood name), she worked...
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