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Olivia Wilde contributes to the preggo hotties in bikinis trend

For all of you fellas who think that getting a lady as lovely as Olivia Wilde is impossible, keep in mind that Jason "Dad Bod" Sudeikis is the dude who has knocked up the actress for the second time without even having to put a ring on it. Seriously, look at him: He looks like absolutely any other dude hanging on the beach with his family only his family includes a baby mama like...
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A preggo Chrissy Teigen definitely has its appeal

She can get a little bit annoying if LL lets her go off script on "Lip Sync Battle" but for the most part, I find Chrissy Teigen and her wackiness endearing and downright charming in the appropriate situations. I follow Chrissy's Instagram and love that she has a sense of humour about herself and the position she gets to play in the world, as well as her openness that is...
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Teresa Palmer is the cutest flag football playing hippie preggo woman ever

Stephen Stills must be proud of himself. That is, Mark Webber - the guy who played him in SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD, must be reveling in the fact that he's gotten the chance to knock up the awesome Aussie, Teresa Palmer , who is really knocking this whole knocked up thing out of the park as she plays flag football in it. The 27-year old hottie and her 33-year old man(the couple have...
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