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Rita Ora injects some poison passion into your Halloween

Poison Ivy feels like one of those dress up tropes nowadays. Go to any kind of significantly attended costume party or cosplay event and you're bound to see a few women wrapped up in plastic craft store vines glued to a green swimsuit. The good news is Rita Ora makes up for a lack of originality in her Halloween 2017 costume by wearing it with gusto. But then there's not a whole lot the...
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Top 6 Hotties from the 90s (video)

Having done the Top 6 Hotties from the 80s a couple weeks ago, it only makes sense to keep that ball rolling and chose 6 more hotties from an even better decade - the 90s. Yes, it was a grand time for those who love sexy women. Movie screens, TV screens, magazines, and every other form of media bustled with all the most beautiful and bangable women you could handle, and then some. Few...
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The Top 10 Babes Who Should Play Poison Ivy

I am surely not going to please anyone with this list. There will be complaints, there will be other suggestions and I can live with all of that. Just like I can live with everyone talking smack about Margot Robbie's co-star Jai Courtney being a joke while I know that he'll probably end up one of your favorite characters from this week's release, SUICIDE SQUAD . Yes, I'm that confident....
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Maitland Ward's bosoms bloom in her Poison Ivy cosplay for Long Beach Comic Con

I hesitate to refer to Maitland Ward as white trash. She seems to be doing just fine for herself despite the fact that there are no new entries on her acting resume. There has to be a good chunk of change coming in from someplace in order for her to be able to afford attending all of these Cons, dressed in a huge number of cosplay costumes. Then again, she's cutting corners at the Long...
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Flashback Friday: Revisiting the bad girl version of Drew Barrymore

You see a very different Drew Barrymore nowadays than in years past. That's to be expected. After more than 20 years since her triumphant return to celebrity in the early 90s, it's only natural that some things would change. The Drew of today is a wife and mother who looks very much the part. I'm happy for her. Set against her famous family's longstanding penchant for epic and ruinous...
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