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Kate Hudson has some bikini fun on her Hawaiian vacay

This bikini display by the eternally beach body ready Kate Hudson is lacking one important element - an abundance of ass shots. Hudson has always been far better known for how well she wears a bikini bottom than a top but the paps seemed to only catch her in the ocean from the waist up, other than the one shot of her delicious derriere as she lounged on a diving platform with a friend. Once...
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Reese Witherspoon was a pretty little flower in her Coveteur photoshoot

It was just last month that eternal cutie-pie Reese Witherspoon celebrated her 40th birthday, making all of us feel just a little bit older. Of course, the Oscar-winning actress did it in awesome Hollywood female icon style, with hot celebrities left and right, saluting Reese's everlasting youth. Witherspoon is featured in the current issue of Coveteur, where she flirted with the camera by...
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Charlotte McKinney in a bikini is a key element for Men's Health

I certainly hope you're not sick of Charlotte McKinney yet because the people at Men's Health believe in the healing properties of her large chesticles. McKinney has been positively everywhere these days, filling the pages of magazines, selling denim with Guess ads, dancing with the has-beens and never-really-weres, you name it. In a move that's no surprise, the beautiful and...
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