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Emily Ratajkowski turned your grandma's couch into a sexy showcase

I used to have a Goodwill rocking chair from the 70s that was almost the same color and pattern as the outfit Emily Ratajkowski is wearing in the pics below. Hey, I was broke and the thing was cheap and comfortable. You could tell some old lady had it under some plastic for years, as it unblemished and pristine at the time of purchase. It was just ugly as shit. Unfortunately it didn't stay...
5 days ago
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Singer Halsey shook her beautiful bon-bon at Bonnaroo

I feel too damn old to try to keep up with every other pop singer who emerges, not just because most pop music is mass produced garbage that sounds exactly like every other song, bleeding into an endless river of Autotuned suckage but because... well, there's just too many of these chicks scrabbling for purchase in the music industry that I'd end up depressed after figuring out one to find...
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