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Seeing Jennifer Lopez look so sexy again has me waiting for tonight

Jennifer Lopez is kind of like Halle Berry or Catherine Zeta Jones to me. She's been around for a little while and she's one of those kinds of women that I feel everyone on the planet had a crush on at one point or another. Whether or not you still have a passionate, heated crush on the girl is totally your call, but I'm a terrible person and typically like looking at the next little...
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These seriously sexy Cara Delevingne pics should cheer you up

Why do you guys think Cara Delevingne always looks like she's about ready to punch a baby seal in all of her pictures? Is the serious face just something that worked and that's now how she poses for everything? Maybe all the photographers she's worked with just make things difficult and annoying. I've speculated and tried to come up with answers, but it always leads to a dead end and I'm...
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