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Paige Butcher is in a really sexy bikini, again

Good God, Eddie Murphy , you lucky son of a bitch. Here's his galpal Paige Butcher who, yet again, is looking ridiculously fine in a bikini. Yeah, she pulled it off miraculously the other day in a little pink bikini, this black one is just…mmm-ehh-agh! Sorry, I just made a mess. I like how in all these pics, Eddie ISN'T in them. I don't know about him or you, but if I was in any way in a...
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Eddie Murphy's girlfriend Paige Butcher is a total babe

Whenever I know for a fact that someone is having sex with someone extremely attractive or with someone who is more attractive than the last person I had sex with, I get very jealous. I'm a man and I'll say that. That's one of the reasons I don't like Eddie Murphy that much. Well, that and THE ADVENTURES OF PLUTO NASH, but I digress. This lady is Paige Butcher and aside from pointing out...
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The Bikini Roundup - June 2013

The bikinis were clogging the beaches of the world so much in June that we had to actually weed out many of them so that we could bring you this condensed version that doesn't require a whole day to go thorough.  Hey, I'll admit that many of these hotties might be on the fringe of celebrity where you live. Others might be downright strangers to you. That doesn't matter...
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