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Hottie Report Card: Jamie Chung

There are a few select hotties to turn to when you want a mix of sweet and sexy. Bringing together adorable faces and bangable bodies is one of the more intoxicating synergies I know of. Yet even within a relatively specific subset of hottie characteristics, there are still individuals who stand out. One of the best examples of this particular combination of desirable traits is Jamie...
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Emilie de Ravin premiered her new mommy boobs at Comic-Con

Seems like we've got new moms running around all over the place in celebrity circles right now. Case in point, Emilie de Ravin , who was on the Once Upon A Time press line at SDCC. Usually being on such a line is all about celebs answering questions about their shows or movies or whatever. In Emilie's case, it seems she was letting her new mommy boobs do the talking for her. I can...
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Face Off: Maggie Grace vs. Emilie de Ravin

Despite some spirited hate and love being shown for both Alexandra Daddario and Eva Green alike in last week's Face Off, you guys still managed to voice hatred and love in equal measure. You know what that means? Yep, nude Eva and Alexandra baby oil fight for the hottest hottie prize. We'll bring that to you as soon as it never happens. We're getting a third TAKEN movie this...
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