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Odette Annable's InCover spread is dark, sweaty, sexy, hot goodness

I had thought for sure by now that Odette Annable would have gone back to her pre-marriage name of Odette Yustman. So sure, I still refuse to change her name in our database because she's our only Y and I don't want this piece of treasure buried with all the other As. The reality is that she's still very married and will be celebrating her 7th wedding anniversary in October, plus she went...
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Top 6 Horror Movie Ass Shots (video)

Traditionally speaking, when filmmakers want to offset brutal and bloody horror movie killings with something more pleasing, they go with sex appeal. And lately, one of the go to sex appeal subjects they seem to prefer are asses. Beautiful woman with even more beautiful asses go a long way to smoothing over the jarring effects of violent slaughter, or creepy creatures, or whatever the...
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BOTB Cloverfield: Jessica Lucas vs Lizzy Caplan vs Odette Yustman

I didn't know what to expect with last week's Battle but it appears you all have strong opinions when it comes to the ladies of London. Sure, Hayley Atwell won by a freakin' boobslide, but there was plenty of love thrown out for Daisy Ridley and Emilia Clarke as well. Sort of how LONDON HAS FALLEN did against ZOOTOPIA at the box office. This week we have Mary Elizabeth Winstead being...
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BOTB Possessed Babes: Jane Levy vs Odette Yustman vs Rose Byrne

While no one seemed all that game to participate in a battle full of up-and-coming female rappers, y'all sure did run out and plunk down money to see STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON, which raked in some impressive bucks at the box office in its opening weekend. I suppose I should have left out any female musician contribution for last week, kinda like the movie did in a bit of revisionist...
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Hottie Report Card: Odette Yustman

Okay kids, simmer down now. I know what some of you are thinking: where's the report card for Kate Mara ? Well, before you go "clobberin' time" on my ass, thou shalt be aware we've already done hers, and it's right over here . Can't blame you for misplacing an invisible woman, especially one who happens to star a film with invisible...
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