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The Top Ten Mystery Movie Hotties

It'll be a big mystery as to how it did it if BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP manages any big bank at the box office this week. The film looks good enough but rarely do people go screaming out of their homes, decrying that they've just GOT to see the new Nicole Kidman flick. There are a bunch of other hotties from mystery flicks who get a stronger response out of me. Here are but the top ten of them.
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Isla Fisher learns a lesson about short skirts and director's chairs

Poor Isla Fisher . Maybe no one told her that the Q&A for her new movie NOW YOU SEE ME was taking place with director's chairs. If they had, she might not have opted for the short skirt. The two don't easily go together, as exampled by her oh so close BASIC INSTINCT moment. Being Isla, she handled the situation well, maintaining her innate sweetness. Strange how ambient light has a way of...
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