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We'll take even a brief flash of Alexandra Daddario's golden globes

You hardly ever see a celebrity waiting in line. They always get preferential treatment wherever they go. That's one of the perks of being a celeb. Yet, it would seem there is one place where celebs are forced to queue up to get in, namely outside the the various Golden Globes parties. You know it's an exclusive event when even nominees like Hailee Steinfeld are forced to wait out in the...
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Rachel McAdams enjoyed a leggy lunch with Oscar

While I am still way too far behind on my awards season movie watching (mainly because the majority of what gets nominated doesn't appeal to me in the first place), I'm happy to see that Rachel McAdams' Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for SPOTLIGHT means that we get the opportunity to see lots of her. This past week has been awesome, with Rachel showing off her fit...
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All the world's a stage for Gemma Arterton's perfect boobs

The Olivier Awards are given out to actors and performers who were in British stage productions, named after the legendary Laurence Olivier. One of the nominees this year for best actress was Gemma Arterton who was recognized for her work in MADE IN DAGENHAM, a musical based on real life events about women working in a Ford Motor Company plant during 1968 who were getting paid far less than...
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