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Nicole Kidman looks sharp in black & white photoshoot for Interview magazine

We haven't seen a photoshoot of Nicole Kidman this good in a long time. I love that photographer Fabien Baron captured the 48-year old Aussie's strengths (her legginess has always been a plus, even in Tom Cruise's short world) and didn't resort to tactics requiring major Photoshop. Kidman has famously been known for her overusage of Botox and in many of the shoots she's done for fashion...
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Here's your class of 2015 Academy Awards red carpet hotties

I have nothing to say about who won and lost at the Oscars last night. I've gotten past the point where I get emotionally distraught when something I love doesn't win (mainly because what I love doesn't even get enough love to get nominated in the first place). But I will say a few things about the various dresses and whatnot that the women at the Academy Award were wearing, since that's a...
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BOTB Celeb BFFs: Taylor & Karlie vs Rihanna & Katy vs Nicole & Naomi

Last week was a bit confusing for me, even if it was one of the most commented Battle of the Babes in a long time. For the most part I wasn't alone in thinking that Kate or Kelly were less deserving of being called overrated and Kim Kardashian turned out to be the most reviled of the three options presented. We still have a few more months until National Best Friend Day is upon us...
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Face Off: Nicole Kidman vs. Cate Blanchett

It was a fairly solid win for Emilie de Ravin over Maggie Grace in last week's Face Off. I don't know about you, but that was yet another time when my vote came down to superficiality. In any real world scenario, I'd be delirious with happiness to have either one. Seems like people are finding this PADDINGTON movie rather charming, despite the fact that Nicole Kidman's...
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