Naomi And Ely's No Kiss List TAGS

As much as we might like to, there will be no kissing of Victoria Justice

They've certainly been taking their time getting Victoria Justice's movie NAOMI AND ELY'S NO KISS LIST out to theaters. I recall her filming scenes for this thing 2 years ago. That's a lot of post production time. But it's finally out, ready for me to never watch. What can I say? I like explosions and robots and aliens and zombies and naked woman. I like naked exploding zombie alien women....
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Sure hope Victoria Justice doesn't put dat ass on the no kiss list

Well it's Hump Day, so what better time for an afternoon of hotties showing off hot asses. For instance, hotties like Victoria Justice seen here down in NYC's West Village, apparently shooting scenes for her new movie NAOMI AND ELY'S NO KISS LIST. Based on the plot summary of the book this is based on, Victoria will be playing the long time friend of a gay guy who turns her boyfriend gay and...
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