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The award for best genes went to Robin Wright & daughter Dylan Penn

We added Dylan Penn to our galleries when she started modeling because, well, holy shit have you seen her? It makes sense she would be as lovely as she is considering that her mother is Robin Wright , but because mum is older, she strangely isn't in our galleries. We might just have to change that. After her heroic role as Antiope in this summer's WONDER WOMAN, Robin has been looking...
5 days ago
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The Girls are back! Alexis Bledel & Lauren Graham sparkle for fan event

Get prepared to lose your NetFlix privileges next week, you dudes in relationships. NetFlix is bringing back your wife's/girlfriend's/sister's/mother's/aunt's/female roommate's favorite mother-daughter team when Alexis Bledel and Lauren Graham reprise their Gilmore Girls roles in a special set of episodes designed to catch all of the fans up with what's been going on in Rory &...
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