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Victoria Justice joins the blonde club and struts her sexy stuff

Seems this transitioning to blonde thing is the new dumb shit women feel compelled to do to their perfectly good hair. Well, it's not new. The ladies have been going blonde for decades. It's just that nowadays they make a note of the change as a means of drumming up media coverage, whereas before it was one of those things they tried to keep quiet and never mention lest anyone figure out they...
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Jamie Chung hearts hearts

A bunch of corporations and foundations and coalitions and organizations got together last night for a little fashion show thing to promote The Heart Truth campaign to raise awareness of the risk of heart disease in women. Noble cause I suppose, although it was the hotties like Jamie Chung walking the runway who were raising awareness of their own heart-stopping hotness. They had a lot of...
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Candice Swanepoel is still hard at work in paradise

Those folks down in St. Barts got it tough, don't they? Look at all these hard-working people, toiling away in the hot sun. If there was any video of this Victoria's Secret shoot, I might expect to hear chain gang songs coming from folks like your #17 on our Top 25 of 2012 list , Candice Swanepoel as she goes about her grueling day of sipping mimosas, laying in the sun and being waited on...
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