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BOTB Bad Girls: Miley Cyrus vs Paz de la Huerta vs Rihanna

Linda Hamilton might have been your favorite Sarah Connor and Emilia Clarke might otherwise be your favorite hottie in general but last week's battle of the Sarah Connors seemed to be heavy with Lena Headey love, based on the commentary. That woman can bridge the gap of anything. This week, as we follow the misadventures of those babbling yellow sweethearts, the MINIONS , where...
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The Top Ten Hottest Movie Babe Minions

In the latest installment in the DESPICABLE ME series, we're going to find out the origin of those bad little yellow boys. From the trailers, it looks like the MINIONS will meet their first Gru, a badass bitch in the form of Scarlett Overkill (as voiced by America's darling, Sandy Bullock). I've noticed that a lot of movies have hotties with raging domination lust and that pretty much all of...
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Hot or Not: Miranda Cosgrove

I am a sucker. I like those little yellow dudes who make beep-boop noises. And I know I'm not the only one, since every summer release that I've gone to see in the theater has resulted in me listening to everyone in the seats laughing hysterically over the Minions in the DESPICABLE ME 2 trailer. Yet, is it possible for us to all feel the same way about one of the film's voice stars?...
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