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The Top 10 Hottest Hollywood MILFs

You can't throw a rock in Hollywood these days without hitting an actress who's managed to have more than one kid and still remain relevant in the industry. It's a wonderful departure from the Hollywood moms of yesteryear, who hid away when they got knocked up and often times let someone else raise their children so that it wouldn't affect their employment or industry image. With the release of...
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Marry/Date/Friend: Jennifer Lopez vs Salma Hayek vs Sofia Vergara

I've gotten a lot of things wrong recently, although it certainly was less painful for my biggest error to be assuming that people might feel the same way that I do about Victoria Justice. The former Nickelodeon darling won your hearts completely, being the easily and most prevalent choice for who to date when teaming her up with the other young Latinas making noise these days. Demi...
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The Top 10 Movie MILFS of 2015

After fighting tooth and nail to get your seats for STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS, you're all planning on quietly slipping into a showing of DADDY'S HOME this week, right? Nah, you're probably all going to go see BB8 and the gang again over the Xmas weekend, leaving me to use the Ferrell/Wahlberg comedy as fodder for a Top 10 list about the hottest MILFs from this year's movies. This wasn't...
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