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Hot or Not: Michelle Dockery

There was a part of me that was really hoping TERMINATOR: GENISYS would have done better at the box office, although I can't be precise about why I felt that way. Perhaps because I'm a pretty big fan of Emilia Clarke like the rest of you. This weekend we have the little yellow cartoon dudes as one option and the Ryan-Reynolds-really-enjoys-making-stinkbombs-doesn't-he? new flick,...
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Maria Menounos Extra butt helpings continue, this time in leather

It's funny how Maria Menounos Extra ass pics seem to come in spurts, much like any lucky guy who gets access to dat ass. We can go weeks and weeks without anything and then suddenly there's a 3 or 4 day streak of pics like these of Maria stuffed into tight leather pants. My theory on this is that it's a ploy by the producers to prop up their ratings after they take a dip. One could easily...
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I might have to head to Downton Abbey if they have babes like Michelle Dockery

What a nice little arse Michelle Dockery has on her. I didn't think that they made them that way for BBC shows like "Downton Abbey." (A show that I was certain was named DowntoWn Abbey because I'm American and stupid like that.) Then again, I haven't spent any time watching the show mainly due to the fact that I follow Patton Oswalt on Twitter and he tends to go off into Tweet rages about the...
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