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Hilary Duff is more than happy to let you look at her butt again

Another day, another lunch date or shopping spree or day at the park for Hilary Duff . That's the tough life she has to lead. Poor thing. So many terrible decisions for her to make. For instance, what color should her hair be today? Looks like she's gone back to her regular blonde. We'll see how long that lasts. Perhaps a tougher choice was deciding which Mercedes G-Class to take to the...
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Kimberley Garner and her fine butt made jaywalking sexy

There's something out of place about Kimberley Garner indulging in a little jaywalking on rainy streets yesterday. Cold and wet conditions in old London towne don't sound like the optimal conditions for a leggy, tight skirted show. There's something inherently clashing about red high heals and collapsible umbrellas. Sexy sidewalk shows like this seem more appropriate to those sunny...
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Anyone curious about the state of Natalie Portman's ass?

After all, Natalie Portman's ass has endured a lot of potentially damaging behavior over the last few years. First off, she got married, which tends to do a number on the female body once they become contented with their new, more permanent relationship situation and decide to ease up on their workout routine. Then she had a kid, which can also balloon up the backside. Finally, she entered...
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