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Blake Lively consecrates her hubby's concrete slab at Walk of Fame ceremony

Once I was able to avert my eyes from Blake Lively's entrancing bust (trust me, it took a while), I couldn't help but wonder if Ryan Reynolds really needs , not deserves, a star on the Hollywood walk of fame. Does he not have enough? I mean, say he wasn't good-looking, successful and poised to make a fortune on the DEADPOOL franchise – take all of that away; isn't...
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When Kate Upton airs out the twins, we're all winners

It's crazy how quickly the mind is able to move on. It's been so long since Kate Upton has been generous enough to make her enormous rack the focal point of attention that I almost forgot how awesome it is to stare at them. During their absence, it was easier than I thought to write Kate off, thinking she was just a flash in the pan and asking the question: was she ever really that...
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Hayley Atwell and her motorboatable cleavage could never be out of style

As she puts on her best Austin Powers, "Do I make you horny, baby?" face at the Instyle Magazine bash for the Best British Talent party, Hayley Atwell knew all eyes were on her. Considering that in 2011, us MovieHottie geniuses put our heads together and decided she was #1 on our "Top 25 Hottest of 2011," and then didn't even feature her on the list at all in 2012, I get this feeling...
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