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Face Off: Elizabeth Olsen vs. Margot Robbie

Emily Ratajkowski enjoyed a slight lead over Gigi Hadid last week . I like them, but they're both rather unusual beauty icons. Both well built for sure, but not what I would call lovely in a traditional sense. I'm all about the models who look amazing in every way. With another year almost behind us, it's time to start looking ahead to next year. 2016 promises to be just as...
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Elizabeth Olsen has totally bewitched me with her lovely appearance

I'm not really one to focus on the negatives too much, but do you guys think that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are just a teensy-eensy little bit jealous of where their sister Elizabeth Olsen is in her career? While they were the it girls among five year olds everywhere back in the day, their sister is Scarlett F*cking Witch and is starring in probably the most anticipated flick...
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Nothing secret about Elizabeth Olsen's sideboob at the In Secret Premiere

I still have strange feelings about getting hot for an Olsen. I was never comfortable with her sisters, Mary Kate and Ashley, mostly because I knew them when they were toddlers and they were on Full House - two things which instantly kill any sex appeal anyone could ever have. Then you got that weird twin sister recluse thing they're up to now, which isn't helping. However, I can't deny that...
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