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Newly married Yvonne Strahovski went for the plunge at the 2017 Emmys

Her series, Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale , was nominated for 13 Emmys this past Sunday night but it was her recent summer wedding that had Yvonne Strahovski beaming on the red carpet. The beautiful Aussie talked about how hot it was when she wed Tim Loden, her boyfriend of 6 years, in Northern California during the summer. The couple was able to keep it quiet until Yvonne decided to share...
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Margot Robbie gives us the finger, so we can see the rock her guy put on it

You may have already heard the news that Margot Robbie went and got herself secret married to her long time guy, second unit director Tom Ackerley. I know, you're devastated. It was between you and that guy and you got the short stick. Yeah, sure. I gotta hand it to this guy, whoever he is. Putting a rock on that finger is quite a score. One might think Margot would go for the big name...
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