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If the world is ending today, will we care about missing Lea Michele on the cover of January's Marie Clare

I have never professed to be a fan of Lea Michele because "Glee" is pretentious and fucking annoying and she's really not that hot. I feel comfortable finally getting this off my chest because it's not going to bite me in the ass tomorrow, seeing as how no one will ever see these words beyond today. In the January 2013 issue of Marie Clare, Michele talks about her boobs, how her favorite Xmas...
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Lea Michele talks about her breasts being prizewinners but her gams are better

I have a negative opinion on Lea Michele and all of her reported diva antics, including her fussing with PETA and blowing off Oscar nominated young Hailee Steinfeld when she was in her TRUE GRIT costume on the same movie lot but later sucking up to her when she caught on to who she was and how bad it made her look. Now that Michele is starting to pick up steam in getting movie roles and...
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