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Blake Lively snuggles a lamb for Glamour Mexico

Everyone seemed surprised years ago, to learn of how Ryan Reynolds had quietly married ScarJo. After the marriage, I don't think the couple were seen together but once or twice. Since Blake Lively has been betrothed to the six-pack man of abs, I don't think we've seen the two together much at all either, even if they did make more of a fuss regarding their wedding. I think that it's a...
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Maxim Australia reuses an old Malin Akerman photoshoot with no complaints

Hell, I don't know if anyone has complained about this or not, I honestly don't give a hoot. I just know that when I saw these nice high resolution shots of Malin Akerman , I realized that they were from a year ago (the actress is due to give birth to her first child this coming April, so I doubt they could do a new shoot with her looking this hot topless) I though that it was a great idea to...
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