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Margot Robbie looks decidedly not Hottie of the Year for her new movie

There's not much to see of the hottie we just gave our HotY prize to for 2016, Margot Robbie , while on location for her new movie I,TONYA. Clearly this is the end point of the story of Tanya Harding, the unlikely subject of this biopic. It goes without saying that literally clubbing the competition and turning one's self into a tabloid queen tends to ruin one's looks after a few years. I...
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Emma Stone buries herself in the Billie Jean King part, still has the booty

Some of the most celebrated performances in cinema history are those where the actor really gets into the part, so much so that they sort of become who they're playing. It's too early to tell if Emma Stone is gonna be part of that group with her performance as Billie Jean King in BATTLE OF THE SEXES. She's clearly going that route by making herself the embodiment of the 70s tennis champ. I...
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