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Face Off: Emily Blunt vs. Eva Green

Well here we are again, on the cusp of yet another new year. And just like with most other years in recent memory, 2014 promises to deliver a ton of new movies, more than a few of which feature some of our favorite hotties. Difficult to select just two from all the fine ladies with films coming out soon, but we'll give it a shot. The pair of contestants we bring this week both have a couple of...
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Face Off: Olga Kurylenko vs. Emily Blunt

It was Eva Mendes over Rosario Dawson by the tiniest of margins in last week's Face Off . 16 to 14, that's pretty slim. They're some pretty hot women those two, I can see your dilemma. I guess it's good then that most of us will never have to face a situation where we would have to chose between them. Actually, no, that's not good at all. In fact, that's very depressing and sad. We...
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Emily Blunt has got California Style

Emily Blunt is literally red hot in the pages of California Style magazine this month, showing off a bit of that super tight body she's made for herself recently. Emily was always pretty fit, but now she's really fit. The explanation for her super trim status is her role in the next of Tom Cruise's streak of sci-fi movies in production, called ALL YOU NEED IS KILL. Stupid title, but just...
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