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We might want to make sure Zoe Kravitz's ID doesn't say Lisa Bonet

I don't know whether this is a case of styling her to look like her mother or aging to the point those who grew up watching her mom on TV would notice the uncanny resemblance but wow is Zoe Kravitz really starting to look like her mom. Earlier on in her career I thought Zoe looked like an equal mix of her mom and dad, rocker Lenny Kravitz, with times where she took after dad more. But in...
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Vanessa Hudgens looks different, but still retains her ridiculous hotness

So…this is Vanessa Hudgens , I guess? I mean, the source says it's Vanessa Hudgens and on the front cover of the magazine it tells us that it's Vanessa Hudgens , but…I just…I dunno. Maybe she just has the same name and is a model? Maybe something like that is going on, perhaps. I don't know. I kind of feel like I'm on a really bad episode of The Twilight Zone where a poor blogger is...
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Sexy pussycat Brittany Oldehoff impresses from all angles in Spanish FHM

Yeah, I've never heard of Brittany Oldehoff either, but it's wonderful to meet her. Always nice to be introduced to as fine a rear end as Brittany's. Not too bad a front end either. Brittany strikes me as another one of those Megan Fox clones that are constantly being selected for celebrity status. You'd think that Megan's recent decline in media coverage would put an end to her beauty's...
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