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Emmy Rossum and her bedroom eyes sparkle at LA's Philharmonic

For those of you who have the cable channel Showtime, you're going to have to wait until mid-January before episodes from season four of "Shameless," featuring Emmy Rossum and her often naked body. For me, who doesn't happen to have the pay cable station, I've got to wait until December until I can even watch season 3, so I suppose in the meantime we're all lucky that the plucky Fiona is...
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Rooney Mara found a dress that gives her phantom cleavage for the Calvin Klein Fashion Week party

I've made it clear in the past that I'm really not a fan of Rooney Mara either looks or acting talent-wise (especially not acting talent - you quote TGWTDT and I'll counter with the remake of NOES). However, she's tall, sleek and skinny and can pull off a chic dress with a nice panache. (I'm giving her something to help her feel better in the face of the fact that her sister Kate is hotter...
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