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Maitland Ward goes crotchless as Silk Spectre for Long Beach Comic Expo

Oh Em Gee, Maitland Ward ! I've seen a lot from you over the past year or so, while we've been covering your random photoshoots designed to capitalize on holidays, sporting events and movie releases but now... were those crotchless nylons used in your Silk Spectre costume for the Long Beach Comic Expo INTENTIONAL? Because while it's cute to see you show off at the end of the day that your...
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Maitland Ward continues to blatantly court the geek contingent

I suppose if you're a woman in your late 30s who's goal is to make a bunch of costumed geeks 20 years your junior pay attention to what you're doing, one could do worse than to show up at a comic convention sporting not one, but two of sci-fi's most iconic boner-producing outfits. That's what Maitland Ward was up to at the Long Beach Comic Expo this weekend, switching it up between Leeloo...
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