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There's nothing artificial about Lili Simmons' beauty at Westworld premiere

We're just raining newbie hotties all over the place these days. From Haley Bennett busting out in pretty much every splashing flick this fall to Ana de Armas showing off her sexy Cubana self in the lower budget fall films, it seems it's time for a new face to fall in love with in the TV department and Lili Simmons is ready to be that face. While she's not exactly new (neither is Bennett or...
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Hottie Clip of the Day: Lili Simmons

Man - if you guys don't know who Lili Simmons is then I just feel bad for you. A lot of you out there probably noticed her for the first time this past week on HBO's hit show "True Detective." Not this guy. I've been drooling over Simmons since I first saw Cinemax's "Banshee." Let me tell you guys something, if you thought Simmons was hot in...
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Actress Lili Simmons gives True Detective yet another impressive sex scene

I swear, this True Detective show has become the finest hour of programming anywhere on TV. Not only is it first class story-telling, writing and acting, which in and of themselves would be fantastic things amidst this sea of televised shit we find ourselves wading through nowadays. No, no, this show goes that extra mile and tosses in some magnificent sex scenes as well. Of course, we...
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