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BOTB Racing Babes: Christina Ochoa vs Leslie Bibb vs Riley Keough

Surprising how last week's Battle of the Babes featured a discussion over Alison Brie losing mass in her bosom after getting fit for her role in GLOW . I didn't see that big of a difference and I'm someone who actually HAS boobs, so I might know a little bit more about it than you fellas. Brie still won the match up, with the second runner easily being Aubrey Plaza, who oozes sex...
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BOTB Trick R Treat Babes: Anna Paquin vs Leslie Bibb vs Rochelle Aytes

Last week you seemed split in your devotion to Emma Watson and Emmy Rossum, with very few agreeing with me that Jenna Dewan was the knockout witch of the battle. As All Hollow's Eve approaches, people are watching more& more horror movies to satiate their hunger for blood, gore and depravity. TRICK R TREAT is one of the Halloween movies I love to watch every year, partly because it's...
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Leslie Bibb hits the floor for her Sundance portraits

It never would have occurred to me that Leslie Bibb is A) already 41-years old and B) that she has been dating my Hollywood boyfriend of choice, Sam Rockwell, for the last 7 years. I found these really cute pictures of the actress at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival promoting her (and Rockwell's) latest indie offering, DON VERDEAN, and suddenly all these facts about her and him and them and...
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