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Kate Beckinsale hits the streets an official divorcee in a see thru bustier

I'm not sure when one becomes an official divorcee. Is it after the terms and the court proceedings are concluded? Or is it when the papers are filed with the court? I don't know. Whatever the rules, Kate Beckinsale is now involved with her second divorce process. What's truly astonishing about this is how her estranged director husband did the initial filing. I guess that proves anyone...
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Kate Beckinsale seems quite happy after losing all that dead weight

Among all the fine English hotties at this Evening Standard Theater Awards show was perhaps the finest of them all, Kate Beckinsale . You might notice a little something missing from the MILFy UNDERWORLD hottie here. She's sans wedding ring. That's right, she and her long time hubby, director Len Wiseman, appear to have called it quits. And it seems Kate is just fine with that, if her...
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Again with the Kate Beckinsale and the bikinis and the blurriness

Oy vey! Anyone interested in taking up a collection to buy these Mexican paparazzi a decent zoom lens for when Kate Beckinsale shows up in Cabo with an assortment of bikinis? Seriously people, you can't think this kind of shit photography is acceptable. Not for anyone, but much less for Kate. I suppose we'll just have to make the best of it. It is Kate after all, which means that hotness...
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