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Leanna Decker is a sexy, redheaded unicorn

You might remember hottie redhead Leanna Decker from these recently-posted pics of her having some intimate moments at the beach with an also big-boobed friend. Clearly Leanna is a woman we all need to see more of. Fortunately Leanna agrees on that, which is why she's naked in Playboy and naked online and naked pretty much everywhere, except for this spread in Kandy magazine. But that's...
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The Bikini Roundup - May 2014

We here at Movie Hotties like to take a little time at the beginning of each month in this late spring and summer period, to showcase some of the fine celeb hotties who have taken to the beaches and resorts and poolsides of the world in the previous month. These are the hotties who wore that greatest of all beach wear, namely the bikini, yet perhaps aren't as famous as some of the other...
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Boy, models Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker sure are friendly

Here's Jesse Jane and Leanna Decker , two models (or maybe calling them pornstars would be more appropriate. Meh) with very large breasts who just want to show the world that it's okay to push your boobs into another set of boobs. I totally agree with everything they've done and said up to this point. Except for this shit right here. This is completely unacceptable. F*ck this guy. ...
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The Bikini Roundup - September 2013

Everybody likes to think of Labor Day as the end of summer, but that's not accurate at all. We get another 3 weeks of summer following that holiday. As you can see, that's plenty of time to squeeze in some last minute bikini goodness. So as some of you begin to yank all your winter clothes from storage, feel free to stop for a second and yank to this selection of the best bikini moments...
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