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The Top Ten Sexiest Vampires

DRACULA UNTOLD looks like a steaming pile of shit to me. Then again, most of the movies that try their best to sell the vampire mystique often do. It doesn't help that I'm immune to the supposed charms of Luke Evans, that Welsh lad who seems to be garnering far too much unwarranted love from the female demographic lately. What I'm not immune to, however, are the vampy ladies on this list....
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Jessica Hart has a gap in her teeth, if you can overlook her awesome Aussie body to find it

I like me some good looking Australian chicks. I also used to think that Lauren Hutton was the most glamourous woman I'd ever seen, spawning from her being the vamp who preyed on Jim Carrey in ONCE BITTEN. So when I caught onto these images of Aussie model, Jessica Hart as she posed for Maxim Australian to introduce herself as the latest Victoria's Secret Angel, I was hooked. Sure, she's got...
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