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BOTB New Screams: Vanessa Grasse vs Jessica Rothe vs Laura Vandervoort

Much like you guys last week, I too am a Lynda Carter Forever in terms of Wonder Woman hotness but after watching the new movie again this past weekend, I must admit that Gal certainly outpaced my expectations of her in that role and I now can't see anyone else playing the goddess heroine except for her. This week I thought we could take a look at the new faces from the newer horror...
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Red Bull should pay for the rights to Laura Vandervoort's ass

I should probably disclose that I myself have a tramp stamp, so you won't think that I'm condescending to the tattoo hovering over the perk derriere of former "Smallville" star, Laura Vandervoort . Unlike the wings that the fit blonde sports, I have an entirely different emblem (the BMW logo - no joke) that is more directly related to its source material than Laura's. Still, if Red Bull really...
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BOTB Goosebumps Girls: AJ Cook vs Katharine Isabelle vs Laura Vandervoort

It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that Lily Rabe is one of those underrated beauties out there who needs some more recognition. Rabe may not have bested Emma Roberts to be the favorite from last week's battle of the "American Horror Story" babes, but it wasn't a runaway for Eric's daughter either, with many of you proclaiming your affection for Taissa Farmiga as...
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