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Zoey Deutch came by to class up the Colbert show

Adorable sweetheart Zoey Deutch stopped by the Colbert show to promote her new movie BEFORE I FALL, coming soon to a theater near you. Nice to have a little genuine sweetness on there as a change of pace from all the nonstop political shit. I know Colbert's nightly rips on Cheeto overload have given him a big boost in the ratings. It's not exactly doing anything to make one's outlook on...
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Anna Kendrick will sign your stuff while you check out her boobs

I have this funny tendency to lose sight of the drawing power Anna Kendrick possesses. For whatever reason, I find myself forgetting how adeptly she sexes herself up when the occasion calls for it. Fortunately there is always another hot Anna moment around the bend ready to knock me back into the proper mental alignment on the matter. This time it was Anna is a sexy red dress for her...
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Dakota Johnson shows off her several shades of cuteness

Well, in just a few short days Christian Grey and Ana Steele will be doing the dirty on 30,000 screens across the nation fulfilling at least a few single mothers' Valentine's Day wishes. While I definitely won't be in attendance opening night, I have to say that my curiosity will have to be taken care of sooner or later. I know it's a strange thing to really want to see it, but...
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