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Does Kendall Jenner's tight butt make up for all that Kardashian flab?

I think it's clear the majority of the Kardashian's have become content to roll in the millions they "earn" for their bullshit and have stopped putting much effort into trying to keep themselves at least passably fit. All except for Kendall Jenner and also her younger sister Kylie. While certainly caught up in all that bullshit their family pawns off as entertainment to the junk food masses,...
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Hate if you want, but Khloe's is the only bangable Kardashian butt left

I'm sure all you Kardashian haters have already skipped all this and are currently harnessing your rage for a nasty comment to post below. Comment away, I wont stop you. This is not about whether this is a loathsome family. Obviously they are. Right now, I'm all about the condition of those legendary asses they carry around. For a long time, Kim was the one monopolizing the ass...
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Wait, so Khloe is the hottest Kardashian now?

I know, the haters are just itching to come in here with your snide "none of them are hot" comments. Proceed with your tomfoolery if you must, but I'd like to get down to analyzing this rather perplexing phenomenon. Khloe has never really bothered me as much as some other folks who like to rip on her about how much more substantial she is when compared to her sisters. What's she going to do?...
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