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Krysten Ritter finds Jessica Jones' smile on the NYC set of season 2

Well, well, well. Lookee at the big grin on Krysten Ritter's face as she kisses on a new dude while filming scenes from the upcoming second season of Jessica Jones . For the first season of the dark NetFlix series, Jessica threw down - quite literally - with Luke Cage as the two superheros got their invulnerable sex thang on. From the on set pictures you can determine it's definitely NOT...
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Katharine McPhee had a wet set on the Scorpion set

Katharine McPhee was supposedly embarrassed the first time that she got caught showing affection with her "Scorpion" co-star - and now current boyfriend - Elyes Gabel, back in September of last year. Since then the pair ahve been frequently seen trading kisses and grabbing on bottoms in clear view of anyone who is around them. This includes those who were staking out the California...
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Katie Cassidy was rad but Willa Holland was radder in leather at SDCC

Katie Cassidy is the best known hottie from the cast of "Arrow," and not just because of her previously famous daddy. Cassidy was the biggest female name when she was hired to take on the role of Laurel Lance on the CW superhero show but now that the program is rolling into its 5th season, the rest of the cast is starting to feel the love from fans. Willa Holland took her time on the...
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